NCTC Leverages Calix Marketing Cloud for Increased ARPU

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PETALUMA, CA — NCTC, a local service provider in northern Tennessee and southern Kentucky, has seen unprecedented business success through the use of Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC). An early adopter of the Calix Cloud solution, NCTC has quickly realized the power of CMC through dramatically increased productivity across their marketing programs and campaigns. Even more impressive, NCTC has been able to leverage CMC to drive these results with no incremental infrastructure investment, allowing the enhanced revenue streams generated from increased service tier upgrades and higher marketing promotion take rates to go straight to the bottom line.

"We were one of the first service providers to utilize Calix Marketing Cloud, and we felt its impact quickly across our entire organization,” said Nancy White, CEO at NCTC. “Not only has CMC been instrumental in driving new revenues, but also it has driven new collaboration and skills within our teams, allowing customer support and marketing to come together to optimize our subscribers’ experience both through outbound campaigns and inbound interactions. With our Calix-powered fiber network in place, we have a powerful foundation to deliver a sensational subscriber experience, and with the addition of CMC, we have the tools to optimize that investment to ensure that our subscribers are getting the best experience from our world-class network.”

Within the first year of utilizing CMC, NCTC experienced more impressive marketing campaign results than ever before, including:

  • 15 percent increase in ARPU across all subscribers by optimizing marketing campaigns to match broadband needs of specific subscriber types

  • 42 percent increase in marketing promotion take rates by focusing campaigns on high-target subscriber segments

  • Broadband speed tier upgrades by approximately 30 percent of broadband subscribers by showcasing the elevated experience subscribers would receive by making the change

NCTC drove these results by leveraging their existing fiber infrastructure and made no additional network investments. It is interesting to note that NCTC saw only a negligible increase in total traffic and also did not require any investments in expensive high-speed uplinks.


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