NCTC Rebrands as the National Content & Technology Cooperative

The organization says NCTC’s expanded commitment to helping members unlock new revenue as well as cost-saving strategies.


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Orlando, FL--NCTC, the National Content & Technology Cooperative, representing 700+ independent communications service providers who connect one-third of North American and U.S. Territory households and businesses to the world, today unveiled at The Independent Show a new name, logo and vision for the future, demonstrating its adaptability to the industry’s fast-changing landscape.

The evolved identity reflects NCTC’s commitment to innovation and value - going beyond delivering significant cost savings to help members, programmers and suppliers implement new revenue opportunities. By packaging new technologies, proven solutions and best practices, every partner and customer wins. The association is actively engaged in helping content providers, broadband providers and suppliers evolve their business models to deploy powerful new video, data and mobile solutions.

NCTC will now be known as the National Content & Technology Cooperative. The change from National Cable TV Coop reflects the new world in which service providers are flourishing. The new identity and tagline, “Stronger Together,” emphasizes that in today’s competitive and complex marketplace, success happens by collaborating. There is strength in numbers. NCTC can get the most competitive deals for the highest quality products and services under the best terms for members who combine their implementation of new projects and improvements. 

“Our new name and logo are just the beginning of how we are retooling ourselves,” said NCTC CEO Lou Borrelli. “Our design reflects our commitment to delivering savings, solutions and strategies in everything we do. Our name and look may be new, but our significant cost savings programs, services, networks and partners all remain the same and will only improve.”

NCTC was founded as a not-for-profit with the goal of helping members competitively acquire video programming and vital technologies needed to offer world-class services that define their communities’ infrastructure with vision, value and purpose.

Providers and suppliers count on NCTC as their primary one-stop gateway to doing business with its diverse members of varying sizes. By identifying and negotiating with best-in-class suppliers, NCTC delivers unbeatable volume-based discounts.

While the organization is evolving to help members embrace innovation and generate new revenue streams, its mission remains unchanged: to ensure that all members and partners are empowered by knowledge to remain competitive and resilient.

“Technology is the future,” added Borrelli. “As the industry continually shifts, our mandate is to develop and help our members implement new revenue generating businesses. This shift is a huge undertaking that we hope will lead to better communications, shared involvement and a single community that moves together for everyone’s benefit.”

To reflect the rebrand, NCTC plans to launch a new website that will introduce many new technologies and solutions to its Marketplace Platform. These initiatives support the organization’s commitment to ease, equity, expertise and education.


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