Nearly 80 Percent of Smart-TV Owners are Regular App Users

  • Parks Associates
DALLAS, TX - App developers are targeting the smart TV platform as the next significant growth area as nearly 80 percent of smart-TV owners regularly use apps, according to new research from Parks Associates, a market research and consulting company specializing in emerging consumer technology products and services. The new report, entitled "App Development and Distribution Models," details the app development process and monetization strategies for multiple platforms, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and connected cars. Parks recommends that developers continue to target video and gaming apps on smart TVs to drive new revenues.

"Smartphones have the highest penetration rate of app platforms at 60% of U.S. broadband households, but smart TV adoption will reach nearly 25 percent of all U.S. households in 2013," said Heather Way, senior research analyst at Parks Associates. "App developers are focusing on the smart TV platform for new apps, and TV manufacturers such as Samsung and LG already have their own app developer programs, which control app distribution and monetization."

Parks Associates reports that among smart-TV app users, 43 percent use an app to watch video and 45 percent use an app to play games.

TV Apps used Differently than Smartphone Apps
"Seventy-nine percent of smart TV owners are regular app users, but the use cases for TV apps are different than smartphones and tablets," Way said. "TV viewing is a lean-back, shared experience, with apps as access points to complementary content, whereas smartphone app use is more personalized. Apps will alter the TV-viewing experience by opening new avenues to discover content and also serve as means for content owners to push premium content to households."

Parks Associates notes that developers must leverage existing skill sets to break down technical and financial barriers of delivering content across multiple Internet-connected devices. Emphasis on cross-platform app development will continue to increase as connected cars are also emerging as significant app platforms.


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