Nebraska Businesses Say Broadband is Key to Growth and Success

  • Nebraska Broadband Initiative
LINCOLN, NB - Nebraska businesses no longer see broadband Internet service as a luxury, but as a key to economic success and future growth, according to a report prepared for the Nebraska Broadband Initiative. "Nebraska entrepreneurs long have had a reputation for creativity and innovation, so it doesn't surprise me that they have embraced broadband Internet service as a way to grow their businesses, not just locally but in many cases globally," said Nebraska Lt. Gov. Lavon Heidemann.

Broadband Business Survey Summary
Thousands of Nebraska businesses were surveyed on their current use of broadband technology. Each responding business was then scored, and options were identified to help them expand their technology usage and improved business operations.

The survey revealed important information about broadband use by Nebraskans. This summary explains utilization and impact; access and satisfaction; and barriers and adoption uses.

Key findings include:

  • Nebraska businesses are creating jobs and increasing revenues through the use of broadband applications.

  • Nebraska businesses on average are utilizing 13 Internet applications and processes.

  • Mobile devices and access are becoming increasingly important to Nebraskans.

  • Broadband utilization varies by employment size, region and community size and industry.

The full set of findings is available in the Nebraska eSolutions Benchmarking Report, which identifies key findings for the state and by category. These key findings include:

Businesses - Utilization and Benefits; Barriers and Adoptions; Financial and Employment Impacts
Community Anchor Institutions - Connectivity Characteristics; Utilization and Benefits; Barriers and Adoption Issues
Benchmarks and Regional Overview - Digital Economy Index; Business Benchmarks and Regional Breakdown


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