Nemont Telephone Coop Selects Calix Marketing Cloud to Grow Wi-Fi Revenue

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SAN JOSE, CA — Nemont Telephone Cooperative has leveraged the advanced behavioral analytics of Calix Marketing Cloud to proactively identify members whose experience has been negatively impacted by network performance factors such as service limit hits. Thanks to a highly targeted upgrade campaign, these subscribers are now on the optimal service tier, and Nemont’s managed Wi-Fi experience has resulted in a seven percent year-over-year increase in revenue. At the same time, overall managed Wi-Fi adoption has grown rapidly, generating a 65 percent increase in revenue year over year, while improving member satisfaction. These gains allow the rural cooperative to make further investments in its advanced Calix fiber network and member experiences to better the Montana communities it serves.

“Our top priority is our member base, so we do everything we can to ensure the experience we provide is as comprehensive and customized as possible,” said Mike Kilgore, general manager and CEO for Nemont. “Calix Marketing Cloud has enabled us to identify members whose service experience may be lacking, enabling our team to reach out directly and ensure their experience is the best possible fit for their needs. We have seen demand evolve considerably over the last few months with the shift to work and learn from home, and our proactive outreach has resulted in a tremendous shift within our service tiers. As we become more proficient with Calix tools each year, we are leveraging advanced analytics to more effectively provide an experience that our competitors cannot match. We look forward to expanding our partnership with Calix as they continue to upgrade the solutions, we use to grow our business and better serve our region.”

Optimizing Service for Remote Workers

Organized in 1950 as a rural telephone cooperative in northeastern Montana, Nemont now delivers triple-play services for members in a multi-county footprint that stretches into North Dakota. The rural cooperative has maintained a steady growth pattern over many years by focusing on delivering the right solutions for its members, accounting for their individual bandwidth needs. Calix Marketing Cloud enables Nemont to identify not only service limit hits but also those members who are likely working from home to ensure they have everything they need to be successful. Nemont can then optimize service offerings specifically for those members, anticipating their bandwidth needs both now and in the future.

“The company with the best data wins, and Calix Marketing Cloud real-time behavioral analytics enable CSPs of all sizes and types to win in their markets,” said Michael Weening, EVP of global operations for Calix. “For a telecommunications cooperative, winning is all about making sure their members get the best service possible but with an added benefit of incremental profit that Nemont can reinvest into its community and distribute as rewards through capital credits. Nemont members benefit from custom experiences built on the foundation of phenomenal Wi-Fi coverage and the right service levels for their needs—the definition of a premium experience.”


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