Net Insight Launches New Nimbra OT 100 Solution for UHDTV Media Transport

  • Net Insight
AMSTERDAM – Net Insight, a developer of transport solutions for media, IP and broadcast networks, announced the launch of the Nimbra OT 100, which enables broadcasters and media operators to efficiently and cost-effectively distribute live 4K and 8K ultra high-definition television (UHDTV) productions.

The increased demand for media transport capacity has been driven by the need for higher bandwidth for today's new media services, such as more video content and higher resolution formats. This has resulted in broadcasters and media operators requiring large amounts of HD content to be cost-efficiently transported across networks.

100 Gigabit Transport Capacity over a Single Fiber or Wavelength
To address this challenge, Net Insight's new Nimbra OT 100, in combination with the company's Nimbra 600 series of Media Switch Routers (MSRs), provides 100G transport capacity over a single fiber or wavelength to support distributed live 4K and 8K UHDTV productions. This provides broadcasters and media operators with seamless network capacity improvements from today's 10G and 40G to 100G, without the need for extensive upgrades, ensuring networks are prepared to handle both current and future requirements.

The Nimbra OT 100 is also integrated into Net Insight's centralized Nimbra management platform, delivering efficient and flexible end-to-end media transport, offering the industry's highest quality of service (QoS) and lowest operating expenditure (OPEX).

"The need for better and more efficient transport capacity is an issue that faces the whole broadcast and media services industry as providers seek to offer more and more high quality content and services," says Martin Karlsson, vice president product portfolio at Net Insight. "Our Nimbra OT 100 is truly a unique solution that sets us apart from our competitors as it's the only fully integrated 100G solution that enables customers to transport uncompressed HD/UHD content with the highest possible QoS and efficiency."


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