NETadmin Releases Version 8.6

LINKOPING, SWEDEN - Netadmin Systems, a provider of OSS systems, has released the new version of NETadmin. Version 8.6 sports a new graphical user interface (GUI) that together with the new Access Control List (ACL) functionality, makes it possible to tweak the system according to customers’ requirements.

"The new release allows the system owners to slim-line the GUI to suit their specific needs and hide unused menus and pages. This will increase the simplicity for the end-users who no longer have to worry about the functionality of unused parts of the system,” says Stefan Asplund, Netadmin VP products and strategy.

New NETadmin 8.6 Features

  • New graphical user interface - The GUI is completely redesigned to increase usability and efficiency when working in the system.

  • New authorization framework - This new feature will allow system owners to slim-line the GUI to suit their specific needs and hide unused menus and pages.

  • New authentication framework - It’s now possible to do authentication towards 3’rd party Active Directory servers, or to keep the previous internal MySQL based authentication.

  • IPv6 documentation - The future of IP addressing is getting closer and NETadmin is on top of the situation by introducing IPv6 documentation of networks and hosts.

  • New provisioning engine - A rewritten provisioning engine is introduced in this version, with even higher throughput of job processing as well as the possibility to do individual job order prioritization.

  • Unified interfaces - The customer service interface has been merged with the technician interface in order to create only one interface for all users.

  • Dashboard with widgets

The NETadmin system automates the service fulfillment and service assurance processes in Next Generation Networks. The solution is hardware vendor and access technology independent. Customer self-activation and multi service provider support are key features.


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