NETPATIBLES Launches WYSIWIB Fiber Cable Configurator

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COSTA MESA, CA — NETPATIBLES, the advanced networking division of Sourcing Solutions, a provider of alternative technology solutions for enterprise and data center customers, announced a new online tool designed for Ingram Micro channel partners to make it as easy as possible to buy fiber optic cables for their customers.

NETPATIBLES is an exclusive brand of network accessories, bringing carrier grade fiber optics for high-quality network needs. While there are other tools available, they are limited to filtering existing cable configurations. The NETPATIBLES configurator lets customers truly customize the exact cable they are looking for. Ingram Micro is the first and only distributor to carry NETPATIBLES.

“Our configurator completely takes the guess work and complexity out of ordering the exact cable customers need,” said Mike Rubin, CEO, Sourcing Solutions. "Just as WYSIWYG transformed the word processing industry, our WYSIWIB configurator will forever change the way fiber optic cables are ordered.”

“The new NETPATIBLES configurator is going to change the game for anyone that needs to buy fiber optic cables,” said Scott Lopez, director of sales, NETPATIBLES. “In early trials our customers giving the tool rave reviews and tell us they will never use another solution to configure and order the cables they need.”

Configuring and Customizing an Exact Cable

Instead of needing to filter through thousands of options to find something close enough to work, the WYSIWIB capabilities lets the buyer configure and customize the exact cable desired − providing an exact photo of what will be built as well as price and availability information.

“We’re pleased to be the distributor of choice for NETPATIBLES and provide our channel partners with an exclusive tool that expands our portfolio of customizable network accessories,” said Mike Erwin, senior director, commercial markets, Ingram Micro. “NETPATIBLES’ new search tool makes it easier for our channel partners to quickly and accurately configure and order cables customized to the needs of their customers.”

Ease of Use for Channel Partners
The configurator was designed for ease of use for channel partners from sales reps to buyers to engineers. The most common configurations can be easily designed and quoted in the basic mode, while cables for more custom applications can be created by switching to advanced mode which allows for over 1.2 million cable configurations.

The NETPATIBLES brand of optical products, part of Sourcing Solutions’ Advanced Networking Division, solves real customer IT budget issues with high-performance and high-value networking products. NETPATIBLES optical transceivers are 100 percent compatible with more than 25 leading networking hardware brands including Cisco, Juniper, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Arista. The NETPATIBLES optical transceivers are available in speeds of 1000Base (1GB), 10GB, 40GB and 100GB, with advanced technologies like tunable DWDM, EPON/GPON, and CPRI. Form factors supported are SFP/SFP+, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+/QSFP28, X2, Xenpak, and CFP/CFP2/CFP4.

NETPATIBLES’ networking compatible products can be found exclusively at Ingram Micro through its network of partners, online and traditional resellers, VARS and system integrators.


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