Network Convergence Opportunity Driving 10G PON Deployments

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ROANOKE, VA — Broadbandtrends, an independent market analysis and consulting firm specializing in the entire broadband ecosystem, recently conducted a global service provider survey of broadband operators regarding their plans to deploy 10G PON technology within their network. 10G PON offers operators the opportunity to offer both higher bandwidth and symmetrical services, while simultaneously addressing the bandwidth, latency and the densification requirements of the emerging 5G network.

Key findings of the survey include the following:

  • XGS‐PON is the 10G PON technology of choice to serve both residential and business segments

  • Cost remains the greatest concern facing operators planning to deploy 10G PON

  • The ability to have a converged architecture supporting multiple applications as well as reusing the existing passive ODN are the key drivers for implementation of 10G technologies.

  • Business services will be the primary initial applications for 10G PON deployments, followed by residential triple‐play, with mobile network support in the future

  • Deployment of 10G PON for residential applications is not expected until 2020 for the majority of operators

  • Although 10G PON can offer very high bandwidth – the majority of operators only plan to offer 2‐5Gbps to the residential market segment

  • The majority of operators are expected to take a step‐wise migration path in their 10G PON evolution, with NG‐PON2 adoption not expected until 2020 or later for most operators

  • The need for even higher bandwidth PONs (25G) is not expected until 2024 or later

  • ADTRAN was the perceived 10G PON leader across all categories followed by Nokia and Huawei

“The ability to simplify their network architecture while expanding their addressable market is of great value to broadband operators,” noted Teresa Mastrangelo, principal analyst with Broadbandtrends. “While cost concerns remain high, the opportunity to offer solutions to high‐value business and large enterprises will help to offset these concerns ahead of mass‐market residential deployments."

Broadbandtrends’ Global Service Provider 10G PONt Deployment Strategies survey analyzes the results from interviews with 36 incumbent and competitive operators in all major regions (representing a significant market presence within their regions), about their plans and deployment strategies for 10G PON. The report provides a global overview of the results as well as commentary on any notable regional differences found in the results.


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