Network Milestones for Fibertech

ROCHESTER, NY – One of the fastest growing alternative fiber optic network providers, Fibertech Networks, announced some significant operational milestones in the first half of 2012.

“Over the course of the past 12 years, we have continually reinvested profits back into the business to enhance our network and operations,” says John Purcell, chairman and CEO of Fibertech. “By directly building and operating our own network infrastructure to deliver services, we can boast zero network congestion, ultra-high network availability, low latency and no oversubscription of services – all key differentiators for us that contribute to our outstanding customer satisfaction record.”

Wireless Backhaul
In addition to 6,440 on-net buildings in 23 midtier markets in the eastern and central United States, the company now also connects nearly 2,100 cell sites with its all-fiber infrastructure. This optical connectivity is able to support wireless backhaul with over 600 Gbps of data transport and is virtually limitless for dark fiber service.

“The fastest growing part of our business has been wireless backhaul. Wireless carriers are investing in high-bandwidth infrastructure to connect cell sites to meet the ever-growing consumer demand for mobile data,” says Mike Hurley, VP of sales and marketing for Fibertech. “Our ability to cost-effectively link cell towers and small cell systems with direct fiber optic connections allows them unprecedented control and scalability of their network.”

The company has been leasing network capacity to wireless carriers since 2004 and has experienced unprecedented growth in the sector, rapidly becoming a major provider of backhaul transport in the form of both dark fiber and optical services to cell sites.

Other Highlights
Fibertech recently completed a multimillion-dollar upgrade to its core infrastructure to boost scalability, reliability, and latency. The company:

• Completed an upgrade to a new Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) switching platform.
• Expanded broadband capabilities to include Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) service from Newark, N.J., to Stamford, Conn. A further planned expansion of DWDM service will connect Springfield, Mass., to Philadelphia with the ability to support 400 Gbps of capacity.
• Upgraded its Internet backbone to supports all levels of Internet connectivity, including IPv6. Fibertech participated in World IPv6 Day by showcasing its website in IPv6. The company can now offer IPv6 in all its markets.
• Expanded its core infrastructure by more than 1,300 miles, bringing the total to more than 8,100 route miles in service.
• Sold and installed more than 2 Tbps of native Ethernet lit services and more than 110 Gbps of Internet service.


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