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VANCOUVER, British Columbia --  Bandwidth provision has always been something of a blunt instrument -- while the amount of bandwidth subscribers need is variable, they can usually only sign up for a fixed amount.  With Zeugma Systems' new SmartBoost application, service providers can allow  subscribers to instantly increase their broadband speed in order to download a movie, play an online game, or use some other bandwidth-intensive application. Zeugma says SmartBoost meets a long-held industry goal: allowing subscribers to self-provision temporary bandwidth increases via a Web browser, TV, smart phone or even devices like digital video players from Roku.

SmartBoost requires no integration with external systems, which dramatically simplifies implementation, and it works seamlessly over any broadband access network technology. It can be used in conjunction with Zeugma's SmartVideo product, which automatically allocates incremental bandwidth for streaming video services such as Netflix. SmartBoost is also compatible with existing policy control and user authentication systems.

Larry Pechacek, business development manager with Zeugma customer Hill Country Telephone, says, “SmartBoost will give us another tool to upsell our customers to higher bandwidth tiers and advanced services, such as those we currently offer with Zeugma’s SmartVideo application. Equally important, from a technical ease-of-implementation standpoint, all we have to do is drop the app into our Zeugma Services Node.”


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