New Cable Video Solution for MDUs

  • Broadlogic
  • ZTE
SAN JOSE, CA -- A new digital video solution lets cable companies deliver IP video over fiber to QAM-ready television sets. Vendors call this a cost-effective solution for cable companies to deliver high-quality video in bulk.

The long-term infrastructure for cable companies (especially for delivering business services) appears to be EPON, the fiber-to-the-premises infrastructure that is used widely throughout Asia. However, cablecos are looking for migration paths that will strand as few of their assets as possible. Now Chinese telecom equipment vendor ZTE and semiconductor vendor BroadLogic Network Technologies are teaming up to demonstrate a solution for using EPON to deliver broadcast-quality video services to digital TVs for business video services.

The new solution comprises BroadLogic’s high-performance Internet Protocol to Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (IP-to-QAM) reference system integrated with ZTE’s C300 optical line terminal (OLT) carrying broadcast video to a QAM-ready digital TV. It will be demonstrated during next week's CableLabs Winter Conference in Atlanta.

The new EPON-to-QAM gateway enables both 1G and 10G EPON to deliver high-definition and standard-definition digital channels to hospitality and other bulk commercial accounts as well as cost-effective MDU digital TV services. This enables operators to provide a much better user experience than traditional analog channels. EPON is being widely deployed for commercial data and transport services; leveraging these existing networks for new video services enables operators to better capitalize on that investment.


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