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PETALUMA, CA -- Broadband access equipment supplier Calix expanded its portfolio of optical network terminals (ONTs, or customer-premises equipment for FTTH networks) with 15 new models. This brings the total number of ONTs in the portfolio to 24, each of them optimized for specific deployment scenarios.

The ONT is the interface to the subscriber and defines the revenue-generating services that can be offered to subscribers today and in the future. ONTs also account for over two-thirds of the electronics costs for fiber access equipment. This makes them an important factor in the initial business case and in the ongoing economic viability of a fiber deployment. For these reasons, Calix says, ONTs and the outside plant fiber infrastructure should be the most future-proof parts of a fiber access network.

New applications, such as mobile backhaul, multi-dwelling unit (MDU) services, and small and medium-sized business (SMB) deployments, are emerging as large revenue opportunities for service providers, and each of these applications requires a different set of ONT form factors and features. There are more than 250,000 mobile wireless towers in North America, an estimated 5 million MDUs and more than 5 million SMBs.

The 15 new ONTs are designed to support the following applications:

  • Mobile backhaul – Designed to meet the strict performance criteria imposed by mobile service providers.

    • 766GX / 766GX-R / 766GX-R24 (8 T1s (TDM or pseudowire), 4 GE, 8 POTS, available in wall- and rack-mounted versions, +24V and -48V options)

  • MDU services – Broad feature set designed for residential deployment of four and eight living units and featuring the first MDU ONT in the industry with an embedded and managed RF return for two-way RF video.

    • 760GX and 762GX (4-8 GE, 8 POTS, 4 RF ports up to 1 GHz)

    • 763GX / 763GX-R (8 GE, 8 POTS, 8 RF ports up to 1 GHz, integrated RFoG micronode)

  • Small and medium-sized businesses – Optimized for the wide deployment requirements of business parks, strip malls, and office buildings

    • 765G-R / 765G-R24 (4T1s, 4 GE, 8 POTS, available in wall- and rack-mounted versions, +24V and -48V options)

    • 767GX-R Rack-mounted design for mixed residential and business environments that require support of T1s and two-way RF video (8 T1s (TDM or pseudowire), 4 GE, 8 POTS, 8 RF ports up to 1 GHz, integrated RFoG micronode)

  • Single-family residential – A variety of new units supporting 1 GHz RF video

    • 720GX, 721GX, 722GX, 724GX (1 GE, 1 FE, 2-4 POTS, RF port up to 1 GHz, HPNA support on some models)

    • 725GX, includes an embedded and managed SCTE RFoG micronode (1 GE, 1 FE, 2-4 POTS, RF port up to 1 GHz, integrated RFoG support)

All of these new ONTs are managed by the Calix Management System and can be remotely provisioned, reducing installation and turn-up costs. In addition, they all include future-proof 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports; intelligent Ethernet interfaces that support multiple VLANs and multiple types of services over a single interface in the home; auto-detect technology for distinguishing between GPON and active Ethernet in the access network; and support for standards-based extended-reach GPON with a range of 40 km.


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