New Clearfield Fiber Patchcords Extend FTTH Reach by 10 Kilometers

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MINNEAPOLISClearfield announced a new class of fiber patchcords with guaranteed performance at .2 dB insertion loss - half the industry standard. By extending the link loss budget, this new class of patchcords extends the distance over which fiber can be deployed. The company announced that the new FiberDeep patchcords will be available immediately, without price premium, on every single-mode patchcord and every 12-fiber assembly deployed in a Clearview Cassette.

“A better performing patchcord is an obvious need for today's demanding networks," comments Larry Johnson, founder of The Light Brigade, the industry's leading fiber optic training resource. "A performance guarantee of this type will help broadband service providers to gain headroom in their optical budget for unplanned events, cut fibers, resplices and extensions."

Improving the Environment
In addition to improving the business case for deploying fiber, the new patchcords also have environmental benefits: A 2 dB improvement in the optical budget reduces power consumption by 10 percent. These power savings, even in a small network, can make a significant contribution to a community's energy conservation efforts. “As a manufacturer of optical amplifiers, such as EDFAs, we see this performance guarantee as a significant enhancement for our customers,” comments Eric Liu, president of Titan Electronics. “A 2 dB improvement on 10 mated pairs in an optical link will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but will reduce the cost of the EDFA required while extending distance 10 kilometers.”

"Quality performance of the fiber patchcord is perhaps the most overlooked yet critical element of a network design," explains Johnny Hill, chief operating officer of Clearfield. "FiberDeep goes beyond improving the performance and lowering the cost of network deployment and maintenance. Additionally, the end-face geometries necessary to achieve this kind of performance improves the long-term reliability."

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