New COYOTE Pedestal from Preformed Line Products

  • Fiber Management
  • Outside Plant
CLEVELAND, OHIO – The new COYOTE GLC from Preformed Line Products (PLP) is a ground-level pedestal closure system combining the benefits of a sealed splice closure, pedestal and handhole into a single compact design. The GLC is designed for new or existing FTTP networks.

CoyoteFeatures include:

• Hermetically sealed and secured system keeps out water, insects and animals
• Stackable spacer system adapts to changing grade levels
• Ability to remove the GLC from its base and transport it to a suitable work area
• Re-enterable and reusable
• Multiple fiber management system options
• Modular design allows for network changes
• Independent grounding system – no re-entry necessary
• Cost-effective

The COYOTE GLC uses PLP’s patented segmented endplate design and flexible grommet system, and it allows for future expansion should the network grow. PLP calls the system easy to install, virtually maintenance free, secure, durable and aesthetically matched to the environment.


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