New Ditch Witch Prospector Nozzle Boosts Productivity in Hydroexcavation Jobs

  • Ditch Witch
PERRY, OK — Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine Works Company, has introduced the new Prospector Nozzle for better productivity on hydroexcavation jobs. Operating at 3,000 psi, the nozzle helps operators conquer the toughest challenges while boosting performance by 30 percent compared to similar nozzles on the market today.

Compatible with all Ditch Witch vacuum excavators and other competitive models, the nozzle reduces water consumption on the job while its cone-shaped cut mitigates damage to underground utility lines, aiding operator’s safety and productivity. The nozzle’s rotating, conical design provides an 18-degree cone of optimized coverage, ideally suited for a variety of hydroexcavation tasks.

Boosting Excavating Performance
“The Prospector Nozzle increases productivity by cutting through soils faster, using less water and helping enhance safety for underground construction operators,” said Jason Proctor, Ditch Witch product manager, Vacuum Excavators. “This small investment can boost excavating performance and pay for itself after one day on the job.”

Constructed with durable, stainless-steel housings and tungsten-carbide wear surfaces, the Prospector Nozzle is able to withstand excavation in harsh environments while also giving the accessory a longer life compared to other nozzles on the market.

Prospector Digging Lance
The Ditch Witch factory also has introduced the Prospector Digging Lance, which uses a vertical trigger for more ergonomic operation. The lance improves operator comfort and helps keep operators in an upright position during excavation jobs. To accompany these accessories, repair kits are available for the Prospector Nozzle. The kits include spare parts for the nozzle that operators can use with Ditch Witch or other manufacturer’s excavation models to reduce replacement and upgrade costs.


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