New Fiber Distribution Panel From AFL

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AFL fiber enclosureSPARTANBURG, SCAFL is launching a new LL-580 optical splicing and distribution enclosure with preconfigured panels that allow for fast, efficient installation. The enclosure, designed for broadband, distribution and building entrance applications, permits technicians to organize, splice and interconnect fibers. Once the cable is installed and spliced to the panel, a subscriber's service can be immediately activated.

The LL-580 enclosure features an internal chassis and back plate that can be removed for splicing, fiber routing and fiber management, then returned to the chassis. The cable entry base has four interchangeable configurations to allow the installation of cable through a grommet system or through preinstalled conduit couplings.

The enclosure's hinged cover is securable with a standard padlock and an internal, owner-accessible security screw. With dual telco can-wrench locking fasteners, the LL-580 is NEMA 3 rated and designed to meet Telcordia GR-771.


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