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ATLANTA -- Wire and cable manufacturer Superior Essex announced the Dri-Lite all-dry, gel-free loose tube optical fiber cable product line. This new outside-plant fiber cable design expands the company’s existing Dri-Lite ribbon fiber cable product line.

These cables use space-saving 2.5 mm buffer tubes, which contain specially engineered super-absorbent yarn that swell on contact with water and block water ingress. All-dry fiber cable designs are preferred by some customers because they are lower in weight than gel-filled cables and eliminate the need for gel removal in the installation process.

The Dri-Lite product line complies with both Telcordia GR-20 and the Rural Development Utilities Program (RDUP) specification 1753F-601 (PE-90) for fiber optic cables. Superior Essex Dri-Lite products have been formally accepted by RDUP and will be listed on the organization’s website in the next regular update.

The Dri-Lite loose tube product line is available in fiber counts ranging from 12 to 288 in armored and all-dielectric cable configurations. Additional details on the Dri-Lite product line are available at


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