New GRUCom Connection Improves Network Reliability

  • GRUCom
GAINESVILLE, FL – High-speed Internet, data transport and mobile phone users can now have even greater confidence in their telecommunications services, thanks to a new GRUCom fiber-optic connection point that will improve network reliability and efficiency. GRUCom is the Gainesville area’s only all-fiber-optic network.

The connection point, located in East Gainesville, provides an additional layer of route diversity to major data hubs in Atlanta, Miami and Jacksonville. It also allows GRUCom to route traffic more efficiently while protecting against network failures.

“The new hub increases the spread of the GRUCom network to reduce congestion and improve overall performance,” said GRUCom Technical Services Manager Frank Latini. “This will further eliminate slowdowns and service interruptions, even during peak usage times.”

The new connection joins an existing connection point in Archer, giving GRUCom traffic access to almost all major hubs in the Southeast.

“This multi-level diversity ensures that the most efficient route for data transport is used at all times,” Latini said. “This is essential for our commercial customers, who rely on us every day to do business.”


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