New MaxCell Edge Innerduct Reduces Cable Pulling Tension

  • MaxCell
WADSWORTH, OH — MaxCell, a manufacturer of flexible fabric innerduct for the network construction industry, has introduced MaxCell Edge. MaxCell Edge, the 5G version of MaxCell, has a new patented fabric design, reducing cable pulling tension by up to 20 percent. With its new bright orange color, Edge is more visible and, like its previous versions, solves cabling issues for smaller ducts and in overlay applications in occupied conduit. With patented 1250# Vis Glide rope in each cell, installers will see decreased pulling tension versus pull tape.

MaxCell Edge will be available for 2 inch and smaller MaxCell and Detectable MaxCell versions in
September 2017. The 3 and 4 inch MaxCell Edge will be available in early summer 2018.

MaxCell’s conduit maximization solution suite includes MaxCell for OSP and ISP construction; MaxSpace, a conduit space recovery solution; and installation and termination accessories.


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