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TORONTO, CANADA -- Despite recently announcing that it was seeking to divest its FTTH systems division, equipment supplier Enablence Technologies continues to expand its product line by adding new optical network terminals with integrated residential gateways for its TRIDENT7 Universal Fiber Access Platform.

Designed for high-performance termination of passive fiber optic links, the new indoor EPON E-4020i and indoor GPON G-4021i products support traditional fiber-based services as well as home router and wireless services for residential and business customers. They also support open-access networks with multiple service providers - an unusual feature for passive networking equipment.

Features include:

  • Integrated residential gateway features including NAT, firewall and DHCP via software upgrade

  • Option to include support for IEEE 802.11n wireless bridging and routing functionality

  • Deployment options for wall mounting and desktop mounting

  • 1 Ghz RF video support for RF overlay (G4021i)

  • Future support for CableLabs DPoE 1.0 (E4020i)

  • Four customer-facing 10/100/1000 ports

  • Two VoIP-enabled POTS ports supporting SIP, H.248 and MGCP

  • Aesthetically pleasing enclosure designed for indoor residential or business deployment

  • Support for open-access deployments with multiple video and voice providers over one network.

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