New Video Service Launches on the APMAX Platform

  • Innovative Systems
MITCHELL, SD — Innovative Systems, a supplier of telecommunications hardware and software for the independent communications market, has developed and launched a new video service offering that can deliver live video channels to subscribers over their data connection. According to Ryan Tupper, voice and video products director at Innovative Systems, Streaming TV will add another valuable software application that can be downloaded onto the nearly 800 APMAX hardware platforms deployed throughout North America. Tupper adds, “This new Streaming TV service was designed to help our communications service providers better reach customers that might be outside of their traditional subscription video footprint with a basic low cost and low bandwidth lineup. This also creates opportunities to upsell to higher speed data packages.”

How it Works
Customers can access the Streaming TV App using a Roku 3 or Streaming Stick device and then use their Roku remote to view channel guide information. Viewers also have the ability to pause live programming along with fast forward and rewind functionality. Streaming TV can be managed efficiently because the service provider can use their existing APMAX administration software for lineup, subscriber, device and location management.


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