New Voice Tools Help Businesses Communicate During Emergencies

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JERICHO, NY – Lightpath, a provider of Ethernet-based communication solutions for New York metropolitan area businesses, announced new functionality to help mid-market and large businesses communicate more efficiently during emergencies. The newest features include a more robust self-service portal for soft switch-based Enterprise Voice and Internet Voice Bundle, and automated communications services for Lightpath Hosted Voice. These features are being introduced following ongoing communication with customers around tools that can help them support business continuity and disaster recovery efforts.

Soft switch-based Lightpath Enterprise Voice and Internet Voice Bundle customers now have access to the PBX CommPortal, which offers self-service functionality for account changes that used to require a service call. The portal supports easy management of PBX-based phone services. This includes configuring immediate call forwarding or unavailable call forwarding to direct calls to an alternative number. Customers can make changes via any web-enabled device, such as tablets and smartphones. Use cases include remotely changing how calls are routed when employees are unable to physically be in an office.

Facilitated Communications During Extreme Weather Conditions

“During crises like extreme weather events, the ability to communicate quickly and easily is of the utmost importance for businesses,” said Julia McGrath, senior vice president of marketing and business development, Lightpath. “The voice-based features that Lightpath is introducing today gives our customers more control and flexibility when it’s needed most.”

Lightpath Hosted Voice customers can now upgrade to add mass announce and firebar capabilities to their service. Mass announce makes it easy to create and send a pre-recorded message to a large number of contacts for communication around events like delayed office openings or emergency closings. Calls are automatically placed to contacts on a predefined list with the ability to make repeat calls at certain times throughout the day until the recipient is reached.

Emergency Audio Conferences
Firebar gives organizations the ability to quickly and automatically establish an emergency audio conference with a group, such as a designated crisis team. A group call is initiated when one person dials a firebar number that initiates simultaneous outgoing calls to a preconfigured team list. Once the call recipient is reached and their identity confirmed, they are automatically placed into the conference call.

Lightpath Hosted Voice is a feature-rich, no maintenance solution that gives mid-market businesses more than 30 advanced call management features, with all necessary equipment and devices provided, installed and maintained by Lightpath. Lightpath Enterprise Voice is designed for organizations with multiple locations that need a reliable, simple voice solution to serve additional campuses, branches or smaller offices. Internet Voice Bundle provides Internet access, as well as the ability to terminate voice traffic from a traditional or IP PBX to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) over a dedicated Ethernet service. All of the services are delivered over a 100-percent fiber network and offered based on flat-rate pricing.


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