Nex-Tech Launches Gigabit Internet Service

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LENORA, KN — Nex-Tech, a provider of full line of voice and data services to residential, government, education and commercial clients, announced that it has made symmetrical broadband speeds up to 1 Gbps available to its residential and business customers that are connected to Nex-Tech’s fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) system. Nex-Tech’s fiber technology, a broadband stimulus-funded project, provides access to the some of the fastest Internet speeds that are currently available in the United States.

In July of 2013, Nex-Tech completed its FTTP project that brought broadband services to an additional 4,600 square miles in western Kansas. In total, Nex-Tech provides fiber broadband services to more than 9,300 square miles in western and north central Kansas. One of the many benefits of having an FTTP infrastructure is that the network is virtually limitless. This is a great asset to communities looking to bring in new businesses and attract new residents.

“We are excited to be offering gig Internet service to our customers and making it available to the areas we serve,” said Dustin Schlaefli, Nex-Tech director of customer engagement. “We are providing these towns with the broadband capabilities that they can use to take advantage of the digital world and compete on a national and global scale."

Ample Speed to Support the Smart Home
Nex-Tech’s 1 Gbps service is up to 100 times faster than average national broadband speed of 10 Mbps or less, according to industry reports. These speeds allow users to stream up to five-high definition videos at the same time with little to no buffering. Users can also download movies, music and TV shows in seconds. Customers will also have more than enough broadband capacity and speed to support online gaming and smart home technologies. Business customers will benefit from the quick upload and download speeds, as well as the low latency streaming that will make video conferencing and online collaboration easier than ever.


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