Next Stop for CondoInternet Expansion: Ballard

  • CondoInternet
SEATTLE, WA - Having made its commercial-grade Internet service available in over 70 buildings in the Puget Sound area, CondoInternet, a provider of high-speed networks, is bringing its gigabit service to the neighborhood of Ballard, which is situated north of Seattle.

Because CondoInternet owns and operates its own network, bringing service to Ballard entails the company building out a new line of fiber. Over the past few months, its engineers have been developing plans to extend the company's network north from Fremont. The build began October 25th and will extend through December. Once the main lines are available, fiber will be extended to individual apartment and condominium buildings.

Several Ballard buildings have already signed up, and gigabit service will available to their residents by the end of the year.


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