Niagara Falls International Airport Selects Magellan Advisors for Fiber Assessment

  • Magellan Advisors
DENVER, CO – The Niagara Falls International Airport Stakeholders Group (NFIASG) has selected Magellan Advisors, a broadband planning and telecom consulting firm, to develop a fiber optic and broadband assessment. Magellan' staff of broadband planners will help NFIASG bring new fiber-optic infrastructure to important economic development areas in Niagara County, New York.

Magellan Advisors will work with NFIASG to examine existing broadband infrastructure countywide with a focus on key economic development areas. The assessment will place particular emphasis on fiber optic service around the Niagara Falls International Airport, which is a critical economic driver. Fiber optic service will support development of the airport including the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station as it takes on new missions.

Enhancement of Economic Development Opportunities through Proper Research and Planning
The economic development areas identified by NFIASG require important infrastructure upgrades including fiber optic infrastructure in order to reach their full potential. Magellan Advisors’ expert broadband consultants have decades of experience in broadband mapping, planning, assessments, feasibility studies and enhancement of economic development opportunities through proper research and planning. Cathy Walker, vice president of NFIASG, states: "We are eager to examine the broadband needs of the county, especially as they relate to development of the Niagara Falls airport, and we are confident that Magellan Advisors will prepare a detailed and actionable plan that will lead to new fiber optic infrastructure in Niagara County.”


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