Nizhoni Health Systems Connects 11 Locations with Comcast Business

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BOSTON – Comcast Business announced that Nizhoni Health Systems, a large home healthcare agency in Massachusetts, has selected Comcast Business Ethernet and phone services to streamline operations by connecting its 11 locations across the state on one network. As the organization transitions from paper to electronic medical records (EMRs), the Ethernet services will allow for sensitive information to be securely transferred between offices and other healthcare agencies.

“Security is paramount in healthcare and other industry regulations, so we looked to Comcast Business and Security7 Networks, an Internet working and security systems integrator, to give us the ability to separate our voice, video and data traffic to keep everything secure,” said Jim Graham, chief information officer of Nizhoni Health Systems. “EMRs are larger and take longer to transfer than a simple email, and as our physicians and partner organizations increasingly interact via voice and video, we needed a network that gave us sufficient capacity with the flexibility to scale up quickly whenever needed.”

Connecting Eleven Medical Offices
As a certified home health agency providing medical, mental, behavioral, physical and occupational health services to clients across eight counties in Massachusetts, Nizhoni Health Systems’ more than 1,000 employees split their time across the organization’s 11 office locations to complete paperwork, update records and collaborate with other healthcare professionals on patient care. Prior to the implementation of Comcast Business Ethernet, nurses were often frustrated by slow Internet access and network performance due to having a mix of different network providers and services over outdated networks at various sites.

Nizhoni Health Systems now has a fully meshed Comcast Business Ethernet Network Service with connections ranging from 20 up to 100 Megabits-per-second (Mbps) across all 11 of its locations, which allows all sites to easily share files, interact with each other and connect to the organization’s two data centers. Three separate Comcast Ethernet Dedicated Internet lines were strategically placed at different locations to provide redundancy so nurses have continued online access to Nizhoni’s electronic health system. Additionally, Nizhoni Health Systems implemented four Comcast PRI Trunks so they can offer reliable voice services while maximizing the investment in their existing phone system.

“While so many of our customers come to us for our network reach and the performance and reliability of our services, another important benefit is how we work closely with their team and other integrators to deliver tailored solutions that meet their individual business needs,” said Steve Walsh, vice president for Comcast Business in Greater Boston. “In collaboration with Security7 Networks, we delivered a fully encrypted meshed network that both addressed Nizhoni’s networking needs and met their business scaling requirements, which allows them to connect with other agencies and help local patients access the quality healthcare they need.”


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