Nokia and nbn Australia Explore Ultra-broadband Future with NG Fiber Trial

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — nbn AUSTRALIA has successfully tested Nokia's universal NG-PON fiber solution in Nokia's Melbourne lab facility. The trial achieved aggregate broadband speeds of 102Gbps on a single fiber and demonstrated the dynamic provisioning of bandwidth to support surging data demand from residential and business customers.

Universal NG-PON converges TWDM-PON (also known as NG-PON2), XGS-PON and GPON technology on the same fiber, and provides a simple upgrade path from current fiber technology used in FTTP deployments.

Easily deployed as an overlay on existing fiber networks, TWDM-PON and XGS-PON can save the time and additional cost that typically comes with laying new fiber. TWDM-PON provides four or more wavelengths on a fiber, each capable of supporting asymmetrical or symmetrical bit rates of 2.5 Gbps or 10 Gbps for a total of 40 Gbps. XGS-PON uses one wavelength to provide either 10 Gbps symmetrical or asymmetrical bit rates.

nbn was able to trial the different PON technologies using Nokia's universal next-generation PON solution. This included:

  • TWDM-PON with 40 Gbps symmetrical

  • XGS-PON with 10 Gbps symmetrical

  • GPON with 2.5 Gbps

Collectively, the technologies delivered download and upload speeds of more than 102 Gbps aggregate over a single shared access fiber.

With the ability to significantly expand the data capacity delivered, TWDM-PON could allow customers to download a 2-hour, 4K-quality video in seconds. With the use of advanced software, the technology can also enable the dynamic provision of data capacity on the network, giving operators like nbn new options to flexibly meet changing user needs.

nbn continues to innovate and invest in technologies that will offer its business and residential customers the speed and quality of service required in the future. The successful test of TWDM-PON and XGS-PON is the latest in a number of trials nbn has conducted with Nokia across fiber and copper, including XG-FAST.

Dennis Steiger, chief technology officer of nbn, said, "Our successful trial of NG-PON2 technology with Nokia is another example of our ongoing commitment to continually develop the capabilities and speed of the nbn network. While we continue to deploy the nbn network at pace with over 2 million end-users now receiving nbn services and nearly 5 million able to order a service, we also have a very sharp focus on the future. The NG-PON2 trials we have conducted with Nokia have shown us the huge potential this very exciting technology has in terms of helping us deliver on our future bandwidth and capacity requirements."


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