Nokia Intelligent Access Introduces Porfolio of Fixed Network Solutions

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ESPOO, FINLAND — Nokia introduced an enhanced portfolio of fixed network solutions and services that make broadband networks faster, better and smarter. Operators will now have access to additional technology choices needed to deliver more bandwidth to more people sooner, bring gigabit experiences to and into every home and better manage network complexity through virtualization.

Nokia's expanded portfolio adds new options to the ultra-broadband toolkit including fixed-wireless access, introduces new carrier-grade in-home Wi-Fi solutions and delivers a new virtualized portfolio of technology that supports the widest range of software-defined (SDN) use cases in the industry.

Several factors are impacting operator's ability to bring ultra-broadband services to customers. First, the need to leverage a mix of ultra-broadband technologies across copper, cable, fiber and wireless to deliver gigabit services and ubiquitous ultra-broadband coverage. Second, it's no longer enough to simply bring ultra-broadband access to the home; with more than 30 percent of calls to a communication service provider's (CSP) helpdesk related to poor in-home connectivity, operators must be able to ensure gigabit Wi-Fi coverage can be delivered to every corner and device in the home. Finally, added network complexity is making it difficult to unlock new capabilities, drive automation and scale the network.

To help, Nokia is introducing several new solutions that will bring intelligent access to the network and help operators to:

  • Deliver more bandwidth to more people sooner through an expanded portfolio of ultra-broadband technologies and services across fiber, DSL, cable and wireless that give operators all the tools they need to make the business case work

  • Deliver a gigabit experience to and into every home with carrier-grade meshed Wi-Fi solutions that enhance in-home connectivity helping operators deliver new services that provide an unmatched in-home user experience

  • Automate and scale the network - through cloud native hardware, virtualization and software-defined networking solutions that enable operators to build networks which can be self-installed, self-optimized and self-healed.

Erik Keith, principal analyst at GlobalData, said, "Nokia's Intelligent Access solution addresses several key pain points operators are challenged with today. First it provides a broad set of deployment options, across fiber, DSL, cable, and now fixed wireless access, that are essential for connecting everyone to everything, and to ensuring the success of evolving operator business cases. Intelligent Access also unlocks whole-home Wi-Fi which is critical to enabling a truly end-to-end gigabit experience. Finally, it delivers virtualization elements which will be key to automate, simplify, scale the network, and deliver new capabilities. Complementary new solutions, including fixed wireless, meshed wi-fi, and a refreshing software-defined access approach with a focus on use cases, confirm Nokia's ongoing leadership in the fixed networks space."

New solutions part of Nokia's Intelligent Access vision includes:

  • A Software-Defined Access Network (SDAN) solution that delivers a comprehensive set of cloud-native software, open programmable hardware and automated operations that drive real world use cases with benefits.

  • A virtualized distributed access architecture and cable solution. Based on a virtualize cable modem termination system (vCMTS), Nokia's enhanced Unified Cable Access solution gives cable operators a choice for implementing a vDAA and supports R-PHY, R-MACPHY or a combination of both approaches through a simple configuration option

  • A carrier-grade in-home Wi-Fi solution that brings an unmatched gigabit connectivity experience to every corner of the home and allows operators to deliver new services and reduce customer churn that can result from poor Wi-Fi connections

  • A wireless PON solution which fully integrates WiGig technology in a Passive Optical Network (PON), allowing operators to wirelessly bring gigabit services to end customers and accelerate Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployments

  • New Fiber and high-speed DSL deployment options including outdoor and data center fiber nodes, a 212Mhz reverse power solution and DSL backhaul remote nodes

  • Predictive care services which use a set of algorithms to predict and solve issues in the network before they occur.

Federico Guillén, president of Nokia's Fixed Networks Business Group, said, "Operators are seeing unprecedented network demands as the need for ultra-broadband performance, coverage and availability continues to grow. Additionally, those looking to provide a true end-to-end gigabit experience can no longer simply focus on bringing high-speed access to the home; they must bring it into the home with carrier-grade solutions that deliver gigabit Wi-Fi coverage to every corner and device in the home. The technologies, nodes, traffic and services needed to support today's ultra-broadband requirements are adding significant complexity to the network and those who can master this complexity the fastest will come out ahead. Nokia is providing operators with a smarter approach to fixed access that combines the intelligent application of technology with the intelligence of the network to help make broadband networks faster, better and smarter."


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