Nokia Passive Optical LAN Selected by Tech Integrator FWD-IP at Cambridge Campus

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LONDON, UK — Nokia and technology integrator FWD-IP along with their chosen distributor Temple have deployed Nokia's first Passive Optical LAN solution in the UK at a major school campus in Cambridge. Based on optical fiber infrastructure and proven GPON technology, Nokia's Passive Optical LAN solution provides a secure, flexible, scalable and future-proof network that allows the school to significantly improve the high-speed internet and educational services they provide students.

As demand grows for gigabit services, the school chose Passive Optical LAN over a traditional copper-based Ethernet LAN network upgrade because of its future-proof capabilities and ability to outperform more traditional solutions in every key area: speed, cost and ease of use. With optical fiber cabling having virtually unlimited capacity, the solution can be easily and cost-efficiently upgraded to 10G or 40G speeds, using the same infrastructure. It can provide 200 times longer coverage from a single central location than copper-based LAN, eliminating the need for equipment closets on each floor or at every 100 meters. Delivering virtually unlimited data capacity, the solution is also capable of supporting all video, voice and data requirements over a single fiber optic cable.

Eco-friendly Solution
These benefits were key for the Cambridge-based school, where Nokia along with FWD-IP and their chosen distributor Temple, deployed Passive Optical LAN to better manage the campus' evolving communication demands. This propels the school to the very forefront of network communications. Students benefit from faultless Wi-Fi, allowing video streaming, file sharing and greater flexibility across the entire campus. The network has also proven to be very effective in delivering a more eco-friendly solution that would remove the need for additional network cabinets and IT switches. Passive Optical LAN is rapidly gaining traction among many organizations (education, hospitality, healthcare, enterprise and other sectors).

Stuart Grainger, managing director at FWD-IP, said, "Our client, a Cambridge-based school, is dedicated to providing its students with the best combination of traditional and modern learning approaches to ensure they achieve excellence in every possible way. Technology is at the very heart of their curriculum, and ensuring the students can access educational services via high-speed internet access is essential. Nokia's solution provides that, and was an ideal fit for our client's program. With fiber, this school now has virtually unlimited capacity which ensures that each student can access the applications and services they need for success."

Federico Guillén, head of fixed networks at Nokia, said, "Interest in Passive Optical LANs continues to increase as enterprises, educational institutions, the hospitality sector, healthcare and other segments look at this alternative LAN architecture to help lower capital and operating costs. Nokia's Passive Optical LAN solution is ideal for school campuses that are often seeking a viable, simple and cost effective networking solution that can effectively accommodate the evolving connectivity needs of their students today and in the future."


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