Nokia to Deliver FTTH Network to Nepal

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KATHMANDU, NEPAL — WorldLink, an ISP operating in Nepal, and Nokia will deploy the country's largest fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network connecting more than 1 million homes by 2019. Nokia's fiber access solutions will provide the technology and network backbone needed to support bandwidth-hungry entertainment and enterprise services across the country.

WorldLink has 160,000 residential broadband subscribers and 5,000 enterprise broadband circuits, and is adding 12,000 residential subscribers to its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service every month, requiring the operator to meet surging demand for network capacity. Using Nokia's leading fiber platform, WorldLink will be able to evolve and scale its network in line with residential demands in a cost-efficient way.

Increasing Broadband Penetration in Nepal
Nokia's fiber solution will also significantly increase current broadband speeds in Nepal Once deployed, the new FTTH network will provide existing WorldLink subscribers with the option to upgrade their current bandwidth up to 100 Mbps and experience ultra-broadband and HD IPTV services. Expanding beyond the metropolitan area of Kathmandu, the new fiber network will also enable WorldLink to more effectively address underserved areas across Nepal and further increase broadband penetration.

"WorldLink has a commitment to Nepal to transform the communications landscape so that our people and enterprises thrive," said WorldLink Director Manoj Agrawal. "This is our largest project to date, and it will allow us to provide ultra-fast broadband services for our mobile and fixed network subscribers in cities as well as rural areas across the country. With Nokia's fiber solution, our services are going to get faster, become more reliable and widely available to Nepali households"


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