Northwest Comm. Adopts Calix AXOS to Power Fiber Network

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SAN JOSE, CA — Northwest Communications, an ISP serving northwest Wisconsin, has selected the Calix AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System to power its next generation network initiatives in rural Wisconsin. Through the use of the AXOS Remote Diagnostic Toolkit, Northwest Communications can verify, validate, and analyze broadband traffic across its network to resolve subscriber issues in real time without costly truck rolls. As Northwest Communications migrates from legacy technology to AXOS, the world’s only software defined OS, and introduces new services to its residential subscribers across its serving area, the local exchange carrier is looking forward to the capital and operational benefits that come with the AXOS platform.

“With our roots in both telephone and cable television, Northwest Communications has a long history of making investments into our network that are focused on improving the broadband experience for our customers,” said Scott Jensen, general manager at Northwest Communications. “As we work on expanding our fiber network, with a goal of installing over 1,000 miles of fiber optic cable in the next five years, the AXOS E7-2 is going to be at the heart of that experience. While we are excited to accelerate the introduction of new services in the future, we are also looking forward to leveraging the platform to enhance our support capabilities and delight our customers with how efficiently we can address any troubles that arise.”

AXOS Remote Diagnostic Toolkit
Prior to the addition of AXOS to its network, Northwest Communications encountered numerous service calls from residential subscribers complaining about broadband speeds. Northwest Communications was able to determine that most of the issues had nothing to do with the speed of the connection to the home, but this perception had a negative impact on subscriber satisfaction. Now, with the AXOS Remote Diagnostic Toolkit and its Local & Remote Packet Capture capabilities, Northwest Communications can verify data delivery as well as service integrity. This has allowed Northwest Communications to gain instant visibility into network issues and allow its team to quickly, and remotely, troubleshoot network connectivity issues. These AXOS features are resulting in new operational and cost efficiencies, as Northwest is reducing the number of truck rolls and improving subscriber satisfaction levels.


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