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SAN JOSE, CA — Northwest Communications Cooperative (NCC) has increased its first call resolutions by 36 percent and cut escalations by 26 percent with Calix Support Cloud (CSC). As part of the Mesh-Enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi solution, CSC features Self Heal functionality that enables NCC to proactively address network issues before they impact the subscriber experience. Self Heal uses machine learning to optimize the Wi-Fi experience for subscribers, ensuring maximum throughput and preempting service issues to dramatically reduce support calls.

Additionally, Customer Success Services was vital to onboarding the customer service department to efficiently leverage the unprecedented visibility into a better subscriber experience. The success services team also ensures NCC maximizes its Calix Cloud investment by introducing best practices to measure and meet the cooperative’s success metrics.

“We are seeing stunning results in our CSR’s ability to resolve issues with fewer escalations,” said Courtney Olson, customer service supervisor for NCC. “Now with unprecedented visibility, we are able to run monthly internet truck roll roundtables consisting of CSRs, tech support, and customer care supervisors to take our proactive customer care to the next level.”

Serving North Dakota Rural Communities with Calix AXOS

NCC provides rural communities in North Dakota with high-quality, reliable communications services utilizing a nearly all fiber network built with Calix AXOS. The rural cooperative’s current managed Wi-Fi solution delivers reliable, whole home coverage giving subscribers a consistent experience along with access to the latest services. Now NCC is looking to elevate that experience with the GigaSpire powered by EXOS, to deliver industry-best in home connectivity with Wi-Fi 6.

“Calix Support Cloud has enabled NCC to manage its network remotely and proactively, cutting numerous time- and resource-intensive trouble calls and truck rolls,” said Stephen Eyre, area vice president of cloud and software solutions sales for Calix. “For subscribers, this has meant a seamless Wi-Fi experience that makes it easy to enjoy the latest services. Now, as NCC looks toward upping the ante with Wi-Fi 6 to address the increased demands for best-in-class connectivity, the proactive management ability of Calix Support Cloud becomes even more essential.”



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