Number of Products Achieving HomeGrid Forum Certification Doubles

  • HomeGrid Forum (HGF)
BEAVERTON, OR — HomeGrid Forum and Allion Labs, the organization’s Accredited Testing House in Taiwan, announced that 11 products have been awarded with the Forum’s prestigious Certification in the last 12 months. The number of certified products, which has more than doubled, highlights how is increasingly becoming known as the best technology to provide the backbone for an in-home ultra-broadband experience at Gigabit speeds, capable of operating over any in-home wire type.

Several different equipment manufacturers and vendors were involved in the certification testing including ARRIS International, Comtrend Corporation, Prime Electronics and Satellitics, SendTek Corporation and ZINWELL Corporation.

The successful range of products accepted for Product Logo Certification include:

  • ARRIS — SBX-1000P Extender, SURFboard SBR-AC3200P Wi-Fi Router, SURFboard SBR-AC1900P Wi-Fi Router and the SURFboard SBR-AC1200P Wi-Fi Router

  • Comtrend — Powerline Adapter and Powerline Ethernet + PoE Adapter

  • SendTek — a Coax Wi-Fi Gigabit Ethernet Bridge and a Phoneline Wi-Fi Gigabit Ethernet Bridge

  • ZINWELL — a PLC-to-Gigabit Ethernet Bridge and an AC pass-through socket equipped PLC-to-Gigabit Ethernet Bridge

  • Prime Electronics — Coax Cable to Ethernet Bridge

  • Sigm — SISO 100Mhz Adapter

“HomeGrid Forum’s Certification program ensures all products are multi-vendor interoperable even with multi-vendor silicon," said Donna Yasay, president of HomeGrid Forum. We are very encouraged that our members are submitting so many devices for certification and pleased to see how quickly the number of certified products has risen over the last year, including products for different types of mediums. We hope to see the number continue to rise as enters new markets.”

The HomeGrid Forum Certification program began in 2015 and involves a strict compliance and interoperability testing program to ensure the fastest, simplest and most secure means to connect the rising number of devices being installed by consumers on the home network. networks are the most suitable for providing an in-home ultra-broadband experience as they operate over any available mediums, extend Wi-Fi coverage and performance throughout the home and are easy to install.


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