NWTA and ADTRAN to Deliver FTTH to 400 Communities

  • Northwest Telecommunications Association (NWTA)
HUNTSVILLE, AL — ADTRAN, a provider of next-generation networking solutions, announced as part of its Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives program, it is enabling the Northwest Telecommunications Association (NWTA) to advance strategic fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) initiatives to nearly 400 communities throughout Oregon and Washington. With more than half the NWTA members now standardized on ADTRAN’s broadband platform, service providers in the region are able to deliver ultra-flexible, high-capacity FTTH services that enrich their local communities and drive new opportunities in research, healthcare, education and economic development.

Advanced Broadband Access Infrastructure
The advanced broadband access infrastructure enabled by ADTRAN solutions allow NWTA members to participate in unique and innovative projects that support both the local community and the country at large. For example, the National Science Foundation (NSF) Ocean Observatory Initiative (OOI) detects and forecasts the physical, chemical, geological and biological variables in the ocean and seafloor. The OOI is currently working with two NWTA members to deploy a 10G underwater fiber network to measure volcanic activity along the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Once the project is complete, real-time data will be transmitted to a vast community of oceanographers, scientists, researchers and educators around the country. The world-class broadband infrastructure for this project allows the NWTA to play a significant role in helping the scientific community better understand the ocean’s interrelated systems and their effects on biodiversity, ocean and coastal ecosystems, and climate change.

“Over the last few years the NWTA has committed to substantially building out the collective network infrastructure of our members so that their local communities can evolve, change and grow to better keep pace with today’s digital economy,” said Greg Palser, president of Northwest Telecommunications Association. “By working with ADTRAN, our members advance their FTTH initiatives and more easily support the needs of their residential and business customers. We now not only serve the communities within our region, but we are also able to play a key role in projects with national importance.”

Mission to Reinvest in the Local Communities
Stretching nearly 10,000 route miles, the fiber network from the 16 NWTA members serves mostly rural markets; nearly half of the member companies have 100 percent of their customers located in rural areas. The NWTA membership provides service to more than 1,300 schools, government facilities, libraries, public safety centers, hospitals, clinics, and churches in Oregon, in addition to over 30 in Washington. The membership represents approximately $153 million in projected revenue in 2014, while investing more than $38 million for infrastructure and other capital projects in 2013. This level of reinvestment into the communities the NWTA serves is most compelling when coupled with the fact that the membership is exclusive to competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) who do business without the subsidies the incumbents receive serving these rural markets. With the Total Access 5000 platform as a basis of strategy for many of the NWTA members, these service providers are able to deliver gigabit broadband, VoIP and IPTV services their customers need to stay competitive in today’s global economy. The NWTA members are also supporting Tier 1 wireless carriers for better wireless service across the region. All of these efforts support the NWTA’s mission to reinvest in the local communities and ensure their member’s customers have access to next-generation services regardless of location.


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