OCC Introduces Lightweight, High-density Fiber Optic Cables

  • Optical Cable Corporation
ROANOKE, VA - Optical Cable Corporation has introduced a new family of ultra high-density fiber optic cables. The HC-Series cables feature unique tight-buffered 12-fiber units, combining the ruggedness of OCC’s tight-buffer technology with high-fiber density. With the HC-Series, OCC now offers rugged cables that have an outer diameter much smaller than conventional cables using loose tube construction.

Smaller, Lighter Fiber Cables
OCC’s HC-Series high-density cables offer up to a 20 percent reduction in diameter and weight relative to conventional loose-tube cables, allowing for greater fiber density and cable packing within ducts. Suitable for direct pulling with wire mesh grips, the HC-series cables can help reduce costs by eliminating the need to splice outdoor cable to indoor cable at building entrance.

“The HC-Series cable couples the density of a ribbon-style fiber optic cable with the ruggedness typically associated with OCC’s fiber optic cables,” said Ted Leonard, vice president of technology and engineering for OCC. “These HC-Series cables are the ideal solution for campus networks and indoor-outdoor installations.”


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