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SANTA BARBARA, CA - Broadband access supplier Occam Networks showcased a new FTTH chassis, active Ethernet blade and optical network terminals (ONTs) at last month's TelcoTV show in Orlando. The BLC 6006 chassis, which will be available in 1Q 2010,  is optimized for small- to medium-density access networks transitioning to high-capacity broadband. Each blade can function in stand-alone mode or in system-level operation, allowing service providers to customize the chassis to accommodate any broadband technology. The new chassis can accommodate up to six BLC blades in a 7-rack unit space and support up to 288 subscribers.

According to Juan Vela, Occam's director of marketing and strategy, the new chassis will add an option midway between the existing single-slot and 12-slot chassis, making FTTH deployment more economical for rural providers that may not be able to fill out a 12-slot chassis. The chassis also comes in an ETSI version, suitable for deployment in Europe, where Occam is now actively marketing.

The new active Ethernet blade, the Gigabit Ethernet BLC 6316 OLT, has the industry’s highest port density in the most compact footprint. It features 10Gbps northbound and southbound interfaces, supporting the transition to a video-based Internet and allowing providers to easily create fiber rings. Energy-efficient features help reduce power consumption per subscriber by 30 to 40 percent, according to Vela. Finally, by accommodating 48 subscribers per rack unit, the blade is designed to ease the transition from 24-unit digital loop carriers or DSLAMs.

The new ONT, the ON 2364, is designed primarily to support wireless backhaul. It delivers business Ethernet, T1s and legacy voice services over an optical gigabit Ethernet uplink and is interoperable with Occam’s family of FTTP OLTs. Supporting the latest pseudowire emulation edge to edge (PWE3) technology, the ON 2364 is well suited for backhaul of existing business services such as PBX, private line and fractional T1 circuits and allows operators to migrate mission-critical traffic to optical networks without forcing upgrades to existing enterprise or SMB equipment. As businesses demand more bandwidth, the ON 2364 also provides 100 Megabit or Gigabit Ethernet LAN interfaces to accommodate IT environments.

Combining Gigabit optical transport with eight T1s and Gigabit Ethernet base station LAN interface, the ON 2364 also simplifies the transition from legacy TDM backhaul to Ethernet backhaul at mobile and wireless sites. The transition to LTE, which is best served with Ethernet backhaul, is expected to begin in earnest in the next 12 to 24 months, the current popularity of T1s for backhaul requires a unique combination of legacy and Ethernet interfaces.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the ON 2364 can be deployed in 12- or 24-to 48-volt power environments assuring operational simplicity in outdoor SMB, strip-mall and base-station applications.  This flexibility eliminates the need for an extensive range of configuration options, enabling operators to standardize on a simple service delivery approach for multiple applications.


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