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GLENDALE, NY – Optical Communications Group (OCG), a privately-held fiber optic connectivity provider with network reach across New York’s five boroughs and neighboring New Jersey shorelines, announced that its fully fiber optic network is available to support voice and data services for customers in lower Manhattan. OCG’s voice carrier partners have already reserved 5,000 telephone lines for those businesses, enterprises and property owners requiring immediate service downtown.

Salt-Water Resistant Fiber Cables
To implement these services, OCG is installing salt water-resistant fiber optic cables throughout lower Manhattan. As salt water destroyed a large portion of the copper cables in downtown Manhattan during the storm, these advanced cables use the latest technology to add reliability back to the area. The affected copper cables serviced the main part of New York City’s local loop telecommunications network. As the local loop is the critical connection from the customer to the switching station, this substantial damage has left many customers without connectivity.

“Simply put, those businesses still without telephone or Internet services should not count on restoration from their existing service provider any time soon,” states Brad Ickes, president of OCG. “Local providers in lower Manhattan have experienced such extensive damage to their copper cables that replacement services are the only solution. OCG’s fiber optic cables will get networks back online in a fast and efficient way.”

Once an OCG fiber optic cable is pulled into a building, OCG can provide immediate connectivity to dozens of carriers or service providers. Affected businesses can no longer wait for their traditional service to be restored and with OCG’s ability to provide instant access, businesses can return to functioning in a normal way.

To find out how you can access connectivity with OCG, contact info@ocgfiber.com or 718-326-4340.


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