OFS Adds Rollable Ribbon Cable to Its Outside Plant Cable Portfolio

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NORCROSS, GA — OFS, a manufacturer of fiber optic products, announced the newest member of its outside plant (OSP) fiber optic cable line, fueled by the company's proprietary rollable ribbon technology. With 144 to 432 fibers, the AccuRoll Dry Core (DC) Rollable Ribbon (RR) Cable offers twice the fiber density of comparable, standard flat ribbon cables, in a familiar and cost-effective OSP cable design. One key feature of this cable is a core tube that delivers enhanced ribbon protection beyond that of other flexible ribbon cables.

Available in both dielectric and metallic constructions, the AccuRoll DC RR Cable is optimized for blown and pulled installations. Combined with excellent kink and crush performance, these features make this cable a natural choice for underground, direct buried, and lashed aerial deployments.

AccuRoll DC RR Armored Cables offer the smallest cable outer diameters (OD) available today for their cable type. In addition, customers can order all AccuRoll DC RR Cables with some of the longest lengths available for a mid-to-high fiber count rollable ribbon cable. 

Rollable Ribbon Technology

The AccuRoll DC RR Cable features rollable ribbons, a technology advance in OSP cabling. In a rollable ribbon cable, 12 fibers are partially bonded at predetermined points to form a very flexible ribbon, allowing the ribbons to be rolled into very tight bundles, doubling the fiber density of a cable. When accessed in the cable, these fibers behave much like a traditional ribbon that allows highly efficient splicing using traditional flat ribbon machines and procedures or can be easily broken out into single or multiple fibers.

As fiber counts rise, but duct space and cable storage remain at a premium, these smaller, lighter weight, and more flexible cables can be excellent alternatives to more traditional flat ribbon cable technologies. At the same time, these cables allow installers to double the density of vital pathways versus standard cable designs.

Traditional flat fiber optic ribbons have been deployed since the early 1980s. The optical fibers are held in place by a somewhat rigid matrix material and placed in different cable structures. While these ribbons are easily stackable and spliced in cables, they are not as space efficient within the cable structure as rollable ribbons. Rollable ribbon technology improves fiber density in cables retaining the splicing efficiency so valued by ribbon cable users.

OFS plans to expand the AccuRoll DC RR Cable line with cables featuring fiber counts of 12 to 96 later in 2019. This cable will be on display at the ISE Expo at the Ft. Worth Convention Center, Ft. Worth, TXSeptember 25-26, or contact your OFS representative for more information.


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