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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — OFS, a designer, manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic network products and solutions, introduced three new products to its broad FOX Solution Home and Business portfolio that enable deployment of fiber to and into the home or business. Designed and manufactured by OFS, these components continue to reinforce OFS as a trusted solutions business partner.

FDH64 for the MDU Market
OFS announces the FDH64, a new 64-fiber distribution hub for the fast growing multiple dwelling unit (MDU) market. The compact FDH64 easily connects fiber optic building cables with OFS’ direct connect low loss splitters through a pivoting patch panel, helping to save space while easing fiber management and provisioning.

EZ-Bend Toneable Drop Assemblies
The new EZ-Bend Toneable drop assemblies build on the success of OFS’ EZ- Bend ruggedized 4.8 mm drop cable. The plug and play factory terminated cables feature EZ-Bend fiber with a ruggedized 4.8mm jacket, enabling the cable to be routed from the outside into the home or building and stapled around corners. The new integrated toning wire allows for easy location detection. With over half a million customers connected by this technology, EZ-Bend cables greatly simplify installations with reliable connections to the home or MDU.

PowerGuide DT All-Dielectric, Self-Supporting (ADSS) Cable
PowerGuide DT All-Dielectric, Self-Supporting (ADSS) cable expands the span length range of OFS’ popular PowerGuide DT ShortSpan gel-free ADSS cable. As a gel-free design, PowerGuide DT ADSS cable is up to 15 percent lighter than OFS’ gel-filled designs and can provide significant time savings during cable prep. PowerGuide DT cable is available with OFS’ award-winning AllWave ZWP family of single-mode fibers.


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