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STOCKHOLM - OFS, a provider of fiber optic network products, has introduced AllWave+ Zero Water Peak (ZWP) single-mode optical fiber, a full-spectrum fiber that can bend to the demands of FTTx, metro, and backhaul networks.

AllWave+ fiber offers the same exceptional performance and specifications as OFS' AllWave fiber, with added features including a 40 percent smaller bend radius, 50 percent lower bend loss, and 33 percent improved polarization mode dispersion (PMD), whilst maintaining a 9.2 micron nominal mode field diameter to minimize splice loss to existing single-mode fibers.

ITU-T G.652.D and G.657.A1 Compliant
AllWave+ fiber is a combination ITU-T G.652.D and G.657.A1 compliant fiber that can prevent network disruptions from inadvertent fiber bending that can occur in closures or terminals, and enables smaller cable packaging to help ease cable handling and lower cable installation costs. With full spectrum performance, lower bending loss, and complete compatibility with the embedded single-mode fiber base, AllWave+ fiber enables cost-effective solutions to help maximize return on investment.

Preventing Bend Induced Service Outages
"Service providers are deploying more applications such as FTTx, FTTH, mobile backhaul, and metro CWDM, operating at longer bend sensitive wavelengths between 1490 to 1625 nm to meet higher bandwidth demands and grow revenues. As bending sensitivity increases, AllWave+ fiber increases reliability by helping to prevent bend induced service outages, and enabling faster, more compact installations by helping to further shrink micro-cables and enclosures," said Peter Spehr, executive director sales & marketing EMEA cable & connectivity for OFS. "In addition, with excellent geometrical properties and a mode field matched to AllWave fiber, AllWave+ fiber enables consistently low loss splices for our customers when matched either to itself, AllWave fiber, or other quality G.652.D fibers. This helps eliminate splice remakes in the field, and speeds network testing," added Spehr.

AllWave+ fiber retains all the performance benefits of OFS' AllWave ZWP fiber, the first fiber to eliminate the water peak defect found in conventional single-mode fiber. AllWave+ fiber has stable and permanent low loss, due to OFS' patented ZWP fiber manufacturing process, which eliminates hydrogen-aging defects. Taking it even further, this new fiber's ultra-low fiber polarization mode dispersion (PMD) enables speed and distance upgrades.


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