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SAN ANTONIO -- OFS, a designer and manufacturer of fiber optic network products, announced a new gel-free, riser-rated, outdoor/indoor loose tube fiber optic cable.

According to OFS, OPTION1 DT cable combines the safety features of an indoor, riser-rated cable with the durability critical to outside plant (OSP) use. The totally gel-free cable design helps save on labor costs by offering faster splicing with higher first-pass yields due to a cleaner work environment. Without gels and filling compounds, the OPTION1 DT cable can allow virtually effortless splice preparation, while keeping installers' tools, workspaces, closures and cabinets cleaner and safer. Dry cables are significantly lighter in weight, making them easier to handle and less of a load on crew and plant infrastructure.

"By eliminating gels and filling compounds, this cable helps enable substantial savings on installation time and labor costs," says Timothy Pillow, senior vice president, global marketing and sales for OFS. "In fact, when compared with similar gel-filled outdoor/indoor cables, the OPTION1 DT cable can help cut cable end preparation time by up to 80 percent, helping to significantly reduce labor costs for splicing and terminations."

To construct this cable, optical fibers are placed within flexible 2.5 mm buffer tubes that contain a specially engineered, superabsorbent yarn that delivers excellent water penetration resistance without the use of messy gels and filling compounds. Next, the color-coded buffer tubes are stranded around a dielectric central member using the reverse oscillating lay (ROL) stranding technique for easy midspan fiber access. Additional dry, superabsorbent material is then applied to the cable core to offer added water-blocking protection and faster cable preparation.

Finally, dielectric strength elements, a ripcord and a durable jacket complete the cable construction. The result is a dual-purpose cable that allows OSP applications to flow seamlessly indoors, using a single cable and no splices.

OFS says OPTION1 DT cable product offers the following benefits compared with similar gel-filled cables:

  • Streamlined installation with direct outdoor-to-indoor cable transitions
  • Enhanced system performance by avoiding additional splice point attenuation loss
  • Riser- and tray-rated; all-dielectric construction with OFNR approval; meets UL 166 (riser-rated), UL 1685, and CSA FT4 for flame resistance
  • UV-resistant jacket for reliable service in direct sunlight
  • Fiber counts up to 288
  • Available with OFS AllWave Zero Water Peak single-mode, TrueWave RS LWP single-mode, and multimode fibers.

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