OFS Launches InvisiLight MDU Optical Solution for MDUs

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DENVER — OFS, a designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative fiber optic network solutions and equipment, announced the commercial availability of its new InvisiLight MDU Solution, offering virtually invisible and faster fiber routing inside residential and business multiple dwelling units (MDUs). This solution will be offered as part of the InvisiLight Optical Solutions portfolio.

Complete In-building Fiber Routing Solution
OFS' successful InvisiLight Indoor Living Unit (ILU) solution is now complimented by the InvisiLight MDU solution to provide a complete in-building solution that can help accelerate the adoption of fiber optic service through faster, lower cost, and virtually invisible installation. These benefits, in turn, can result in higher subscriber acceptance and take rates, greater profitability and faster times to revenue for service providers.

FTTH service providers often deploy compact Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) deep into subscribers' homes to facilitate in-home networking. However, some customers cancel service orders when they learn that the installation requires unsightly conventional optical cables. In addition, tight spaces, corners, existing architecture and other factors can make deploying fiber difficult inside many ILUs and MDUs. The InvisiLight Optical Solutions portfolio was designed to help meet these specific challenges.

Safe, Protected Optical Fiber Link
With the InvisiLight ILU Solution, the installer uses an innovative yet simple process to adhere a 0.9 mm diameter optical fiber into crevices along ceilings and walls or moldings and walls. In this way, the solution offers a safe, protected optical fiber link that blends seamlessly into the ILU, is virtually invisible to the eye and installed without disruption to the homeowner or decor.

The InvisiLight MDU Solution helps meet the often difficult and expensive challenge of deploying fiber in hallways and between floors of existing buildings. This solution uses a fast, easy–to-install and practically invisible 12-fiber optical unit that can be surface mounted in hallways, on the exterior of each apartment or office and between floors to connect subscribers to ultra-high speed services.

OFS' EZ-Bend Optical Fiber enables these solutions to conform to the contours and many corners in a residence with negligible signal loss.


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