OFS Offers Hollow-Core Fiber Cable for Low Latency Transmission


  • OFS

SAN DIEGO OFS, a designer, manufacturer and provider of optical fiber, has announced the launch of OFS AccuCore HCF Optical Fiber Cable, a terrestrial hollow-core fiber (HCF) cable solution. Light travels about 50% faster in a hollow core compared to a solid silica core of conventional optical fiber. Consequently, light transmitted in a hollow-core fiber arrives 1.54 microseconds faster for each kilometer traveled compared with conventional optical fiber. OFS presented a post-deadline paper at OFC; the paper reports error-free transmission of direct-detection 10 Gbps DWDM signals over 3.1 km of cascaded cabled HCF.

The AccuCore HCF Optical Fiber Cable solution is based on hollow-core fiber technology and includes indoor/outdoor cable and termination with standard connectors, which are fusion spliced to the patented photonic bandgap hollow-core fiber. OFS also offers installation services and both passive and active component selection to meet customer requirements. AccuCore HCF optical fiber cable has been successfully deployed, carrying live traffic in several networks.


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