OFS Debuts ADSS Cable Management System

Offers reduction in fiber network installation times and costs for municipalities and electric coops.

  • OFS


Nashville, Tennessee– OFS is pleased to announce the development of the Sherpa ADSS (all-electric, self-supporting) Cable Management System. Sherpa is a patent-pending, industry-first dielectric system enabling the attachment of drop cables to ADSS trunk cables or ADSS trunk cables to electrical neutrals.

As fiber network builders expand in rural areas and in municipalities around the country, many have selected ADSS cable as the main deployment method due to its reliability and speed of installation. Until this point, ADSS cables have not been used to also manage drop cables.

“The Sherpa system enables drop cables to use the same pole attachment as the trunk cable, potentially reducing make-ready and pole attachment costs, while preserving reliability and speed of installation of ADSS cables,” said Mark Boxer, Technical Manager, Solutions and Applications Engineering for OFS.

A different version of the Sherpa system can also be used to attach ADSS cables to electrical neutrals in those areas where maintaining ground clearance can be a challenge. The Sherpa drop management solution will be on display at Fiber Connect 2022 at the Gaylord Convention Center, Nashville, Tennessee, June 12-15, or contact your OFS representative for more information


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