Ohio OARnet Upgrades Fiber Speeds to 100 Gbps

  • OARnet
  • Ohio University Innovation Center
Columbus, OH – Governor John Kasich ceremonially “lit-up” a massive speed upgrade to the broadband, fiber optic Internet system linking Ohio’s higher education and research centers. The tenfold upgrade in data transmission speeds for the system, known as OARnet, will benefit research and job-creating assets statewide in what it is calling the first-ever state-led initiative in the country. Network speeds of 100 Gbps will help advance research and job growth across Ohio’s medical research, higher education, manufacturing, engineering and technology networking corridors.

To illustrate the speed of this network, at 100 Gbps:
• Data equivalent to 80 million file cabinets filled with text can be transferred daily.
• Every one of Ohio's 1.8 million enrolled K-12 students could download an ebook simultaneously in just over two minutes.
• As many as 300,000 X-rays can be transmitted in just one minute.
• Up to 8.5 million electronic medical records can be transmitted in one minute.
• Smartphone data can be sent at 50,000 times faster than current average speeds.

Moving forward, Ohio University Innovation Center is exploring ways for private enterprises to tap into the network.


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