Oi and Nokia Partner to Meet Future Broadband Demand in Brazil

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ESPOO, FINLAND — Nokia and Brazilian telecom operator Oi have signed a long-term technology partnership to enable Oi to meet increasing demand for fiber connectivity in the home and expand mobile broadband coverage and capacity, while preparing for the future introduction of 5G. Nokia will leverage its radio access, IP and optical transport and fixed broadband solutions and services, working with Oi on the service provider's operational restructuring process, as part of its recovery plan.

Increased Demand for Data Services
Reductions in broadband subscription prices and a growing adoption of smartphones have led to an increase in demand for data services in the home and on the move in Brazil. The introduction of fiber-to-the-home has led to renewed demands for residential broadband services in regions previously covered only by copper networks. Oi and Nokia have signed a series of agreements under which they expect will drive new speeds, capacity and performance in Oi's network to meet these growing demands and connect up to 10 million houses by 2021.

Nokia will continue Oi's widespread optical transport and IP access network expansion, delivering up to 10 Terabits per second capacity throughput using dense-wave-division-multiplexing optical transport and IP routing technology. The optical transport network will serve as the backbone for high-speed fiber-to-the-home services, in addition to the Nokia AirScale radio access network to support growing mobile broadband demand as Oi transitions toward 5G.

Nokia AirScale Deployment
The deployment of the Nokia AirScale single radio access network across the country will support 2G, 3G and 4G services and can be software upgraded to support 5G. This will allow Oi to expand its 4G offering as it gradually reduces 2G and 3G services, while preparing for the delivery of 5G.

Network and service operations will be enhanced through increasing use of automation and analytics, including the Nokia AVA cognitive services platform. An improved customer experience will be enabled through machine learning and prescriptive analytics that can predict and prevent service degradations up to 7 days in advance.

Improving Oi Residential Broadband Service
Nokia and Oi will also explore residential broadband service quality, adopting new models to improve the 'Oi Fibra' and 'Oi TV' services as well as the customer experience. The companies have signed a reseller agreement that will enable Oi to offer Nokia Wi-Fi beacons in its retail outlets in the country. This solution, once installed, quickly establishes a whole-home meshed WiFi network that significantly enhances ultra-broadband coverage and performance.

Nokia will employ its network implementation services expertise for a speedy deployment, professional services to optimize Oi's existing network elements for expansion of its customer offerings as well as mobile network optimization services.


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