OKI Research Makes FTTH Systems More Efficient and Less Power Hungry

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TOKYO - OKI announced that it has developed a new bandwidth allocation control technology to enable OLT drive control for optical access systems. The technology controls the number of OLT drive units in response to traffic conditions and ensures efficient bandwidth allocation by varying the number of OLT drive units. In addition to dramatically increasing OLT bandwidth efficiency, the technology allows OLTs to sleep when traffic is low, cutting power consumption by a projected 30 percent on average.

As the bandwidth of fiber-to-the-home systems increases, power consumption has also increased. Projections for higher energy consumption by communication devices have prompted a search for ways to cut power consumption.

OKI has been working since 2009 on research commissioned by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Japan. It has also been trying to apply its research findings by developing virtual PONs that permit flexible configuration of connections between optical line terminals in a central office and optical network terminals at user premises.

"OKI developed its OLT drive control technology as part of this research program. The Bandwidth Allocation Control Technology developed by OKI is technology that will advance OLT drive control technologies, allowing OLT drive control units to vary the number of operating OLT drive units and thereby responding to bandwidth shortages by adjusting upper bandwidth limits in response to bandwidth volume fluctuations generated by user demand," says Takeshi Kamijoh, general manager of research and development at OKI.

He adds, "Varying the numbers of OLT drive units will result in significantly more efficient use of bandwidth. Verification testing has shown the system can cut bandwidth shortages by roughly one-fifth and power consumption by roughly 30 percent."

OKI plans to commercialize this technology and will extend it to support multichannel bandwidth control and software-defined networks.


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