Oklahoma’s Broadband Map Guides High-Speed Internet Expansion

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – The Oklahoma Broadband Office, led by Executive Director Mike Sanders, has launched an interactive online map that details the availability of internet service across the state. The AppGeo Division of The Sanborn Map Company worked closely with the broadband office to realize their vision for the application.

“The Oklahoma-specific map will serve as a guide to the success of our mission to ensure high-speed internet service is available to everyone – including the nearly 750,000 Oklahomans who lack such service today,” Sanders said.

“We are proud to support the Oklahoma Broadband Office at this critical moment,” said Brian Coolidge, Sanborn senior project manager. “In coming months, all states are required to submit plans for using FCC’s Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program funds to close the digital divide. The new online Oklahoma map will help the Oklahoma Broadband Office to share critical information with the public, internet service providers, and other stakeholders.”

The current version of the application empowers users to explore a wealth of detail about broadband speeds, technology, and coverage across the state:

  • Search addresses
  • View unserved/underserved/served locations
  • Distinguish between different broadband technologies in use
  • See reported internet speeds by location
  • View areas receiving upgrades through federal grant funds
  • For first time users, a brief tutorial video is available on the Oklahoma Map web page.

Sanborn’s support for data strategy for the Oklahoma Broadband Office is ongoing. In coming months, Sanborn will add features to the map so that the office can streamline broadband infrastructure grant program enrollment and enable Oklahomans to track progress over time.


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