Omaha to Get Fiber Network from CenturyLink

  • CenturyLink
OMAHA, NB - CenturyLink, Inc., a global telecommunications company, announced it is connecting 48,000 Omaha homes and businesses with its new high-speed fiber network pilot that will deliver Internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps – 100 times faster than average broadband speeds.

CenturyLink is upgrading its existing fiber architecture in west Omaha to create a more robust network that delivers fiber optic connections directly to homes and businesses. This upgraded fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology will provide eligible customers with access to some of the fastest upload and download Internet speeds currently available in the U.S. Symmetrical speeds allow customers to upload videos and large files of information just as fast as they download. Customers utilizing CenturyLink's 1 Gbps service in Omaha will have a direct connection to the company's recently upgraded 100 Gbps global network, designed to accommodate the bandwidth demand driven by cloud computing, mobile traffic, big data and video streaming.

CenturyLink begins rolling out its 1 Gbps service next week and expects to have its new fiber network available to all 48,000 customers by early October 2013. The company will evaluate its Omaha 1 Gbps offer before determining further deployment of this advanced technology, considering such factors as positive community support, competitive parity in the marketplace and the ability to earn a reasonable return on its investment.


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